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brings the calm of the ocean to your office


"A Mentor is an experienced person who, on the basis of their own knowledge and experience, advises and guides another person - as a confidant."

I find this definition so appropriate to what I do and what I stand for. As a mentor I guide you in your quest for less stress, for more balance between body, mind and awareness. 


To experience more Flow from that state of balance, to stand in your power.


To discover your mission, your state of Flow. To create space for that which gives you energy, which makes you happy. Because doing more of what makes you happy is the antidote to stress.  

I would love to guide you in this quest!


Balance between:

body, mind & awareness

Your body always gives signals in case of stress. What those signals are? They are different for everyone, after all, every body is different. 

Together with you I will look for your stressors and stress signals, so that you can take action in time, learn to listen to your body and lower your stress level. 





The intellect (also called the " Mind ") sometimes seems to be able to keep on chattering incessantly. Thoughts that tumble over each other and the (self-invented) "musts" regularly follow each other in quick succession. 

Which thoughts create unnecessary stress, which do not help you but limit you? Where do you trade on autopilot, while you are looking for more peace and space? What thoughts are holding you back from following your heart (more and more)? We will look for that together. 


Without consciousness, your intellect quickly takes over from your body. Ratio wins over feeling, the voice in your head is louder than your gut feeling, thinking takes precedence over being able to notice stress signals.  


The consequence; walking past yourself, not being able to listen to the signals of your body. Bringing more awareness into what you're doing helps you listen to what your heart whispers to you. 

Do you want to create more awareness? I guide you through this by introducing you to meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and yoga. Do you want to deepen your knowledge and experience even more? You are most welcome! 



You may know the term Flow from yoga, but is also  scientifically defined as: "another state of being, a state of heightened consciousness, linked to  feelings of well-being and satisfaction." 

When you experience more "peak experiences" , more  Flow   in your life, everything seems much more natural. You are less afraid (to fail) and you experience more focus. You do that which makes you  happy  , which gives you energy. You are more and more empowered.       

In order to experience Flow, it is important to lower your stress level. And that is exactly what I can help you with like no other.      



"Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, as Freud believed, or a quest for power, as Alfred Adler taught, but a quest for meaning. The greatest task for any person is to find meaning in his or her own life." - Viktor E. Frankl -

What is  your mission, your purpose? What gives you energy, what makes you happy and then   - more - doing where your heart is is, as far as I'm concerned, the cure for stress . 

I am happy to help you in your quest to find your purpose, because that is part of mine.


Read more about my purpose; Building bridges of trust and freedom, you can do that here

The Wanderer - We're all going home 

"I will seek and I will find
While I'll try to keep a steady mind
I will follow all the signs
This healing takes time
I will find my way back home

We're all going home
Listen to the beat of your heart when you don't know where to go
We're all going home
Listen to the song that's playing on your own soul's radio"

LISTEN to the beat of your heart.png


Intro conversation

- free & without obligation 


Mentor Traject


- 1:1 conversations 

- Live or online 

- Tailored to your needs

   & circumstances


- Assignments & Handouts

   custom made for you 

- Price on request

Mentor talk

private yoga class 

- 1:1 conversation + private yoga class  

- Live or online 

- Tailored to your needs

   & circumstances 

- From €119 for 120 minutes  


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