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Yin Yoga at Lofts

After an inspiring workshop about stress and ways to get ahead of your stress level, you can now start looking forward to the upcoming Yin Yoga sessions with Startup Yoga. 


Starting on September 5th and 19th (19:30h), Startup Yoga will organize a Yin Yoga class for you, specifically focused on stress reduction & relaxation.


Through the combination of physical Yin Yoga postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation, you will learn to:  

i)          explore & broaden the physical limits of your body; 

ii)         recognize the (stress) signals of your body and actively relax; and

iii)        observe your thoughts, as a consequence whereof your mind often calms down, you become less reactive and more focused.

The tools to be given are not only useful on the yoga mat, but also afterwards during your work or ordinary daily live events. 


Each Yin Yoga class lasts 60 minutes and begins with a short meditation or breathing exercise. Then the Yin Yoga postures will follow. These poses are static and are being held for extended periods of time (up to three to five minutes), while paying attention to the points as set out above. The class ends with a moment of total relaxation (savasana), to feel what the class has done for you.

Interested in all the benefits of yoga? They can be found here. We hope to see you on the mat! 


If you have missed the workshop, no worries! Watch the replay, any of the short videos of the separate breathing- and mindfulness exercises below and/or the slides in this pdf

Workshop: Work hard, Rest hard! 
Breathing exercise: 1 breath brake
Mindfulness exercise
Breathing exercise: 4:7:8
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