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Online Yin Yoga (live & replay)

Focused on stress reduction & relaxation (replay for 1 week)

  • 1 uu
  • 14 euro
  • Online (& replay for 1 week)

What's included?

Online yin yoga; specifically focused on stress reduction & relaxation. - - - The class lasts 60 minutes. Afterwards you will receive a link to the yoga class so you can replay it throughout the coming week (again and again). - - - Through the combination of physical (yin yoga) postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation, you will learn to: i) explore & broaden the physical limits of your body, ii) recognize the (stress) signals of your body and actively relax; and iii) observe your thoughts, as a consequence whereof your mind often calms down, you become less reactive and more focused. So in short, more control over body & mind and more balance by practicing yoga. - - - Each online yoga class starts with a short meditation, breathing or mindfulness exercise. This is followed by the yin yoga postures. These are static postures, held for extended periods of time (three to five minutes), while paying attention to: i) your breath; ii) observing your thoughts; iii) the (stress) signals the body gives; and iv) tools to release tension and relax more deeply (e.g. tools to influence your autonomic nervous system and which tools are therefore useful not only on the yoga mat, but also during, for example, your work). The class ends with a moment of total relaxation (savasana), to briefly reflect on what the class has done for you and what you want to take with you into the rest of your (working) day. - - -

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