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Work hard, Rest hard!

Creating stress awareness & decreasing your stress level (4 meetings)

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What's included?

Reduce your stress level by gaining knowledge and receiving practical exercises, tips & tricks (within 4 weeks in a small group, online). The goal: knowledge about stress. What stress is, what happens in your body and how do you recognize it? During these 4 weeks we will of course also get more knowledge on the antidote of stress and search for your go-to relaxations, by way of doing exercises and receiving practical tips & tricks. The result: less chance of a burn-out and more productivity, creativity & happiness (at work). - - - Week 1: Diving into the physiological aspects of stress (including the functioning of the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, also known as fight & flight and stress hormones cortisol & adrenaline), ii) stressors and iii) stress signals (physical, behavioral, emotional, mental). Week 2: Diving into the counterpart of stress (including the functioning of the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, also known as rest & digest). Furthermore, we will dive into 3 pillars that are necessary for finding balance: i) the body, ii) awareness and iii) intellect. Diving also deeper into the benefits of breathing techniques, as the breath is connected to the first pillar (the body). Week 3: Diving deeper into mindfulness, both connected to observing your thoughts as well als your bodily signals. As mindfulness is connected to the second pillar (awareness). Week 4: Diving deeper into the intellectual mind, being the third pillar, by way of looking at tools that are beneficial in order to work more efficiently and in a less stressful manner. Furthermore, we close the course with some final practical tips & tricks. - - - 1:1 coaching sessions are optional (40% discount). - - - Each webinar lasts 45 minutes (35 minutes of knowledge, exercises and practical tips & tricks, followed by 10 minutes for questions). Afterwards you will receive a link to the webinar class so you can replay it throughout the continuation of the course.

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