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brings the calm of the ocean to your office


Over de zoektocht naar balans, 

de kracht van de adem & 


Less stress at your workplace?

Startup Yoga focuses specifically on employees and corporates and has as a unique focus on creating  van stress  awareness and stress reduction

How? By transferring knowledge during a workshop or team session and also by - the practical tools given - directly experiencing how you can yourself reduce your stress level

In addition, by making corporate yoga part of your working week and to experience that yoga results in:    

  • more focus

  • better sleep       

  • less reactivity 

  • better memory

  • more creativity

  • recognize and reduce work 

  • more productivity

  • less anxiety and anxious thoughts

  • pick up stress signals better

  • more positive feelings and connection with others (so a nice working atmosphere)

  • more vitality in the workplace

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corporate yoga

Startup Yoga focuses on the gentle forms of yoga. After all, working life is already intensive and dynamic enough.

Physical postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation are combined in the yoga classes, in order to gain more control over body and mind.


In addition, you will learn to: 

  • explore and broaden the physical limits of your body;

  • recognize the (stress) signals of your body and actively relax; and

  • observe your thoughts, as a consequence whereof your mind often calms down, you become less reactive and more focussed.

Work your breath!


Tijdens deze Masterclass gaan we het hebben over de kracht van adem! Hoe die magische adem zorgt voor meer energie, meer focus en meer ontspanning! Hoe je met behulp van jouw adem je zenuwstelsel van standje 'aan' kunt begeleiden naar meer ontspanning en dus; hoe je jouw staat van zijn kunt veranderen 'for the better'!

Als ademcoach deelt Noraly haar kennis over de kracht van de adem en combineert ze die ‘why’ met heel veel samen oefenen. Zodat jij ook jouw magische wapen - jouw adem - tevoorschijn weet te halen!

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About Noraly

Yoga for me was the medicine that released the tension within my body.


Yoga taught me to listen to my body and especially to my heart. And what makes my heart beat faster, my blood flows quicker, is sharing my passion for yoga. With Startup Yoga I respond to that!

With Startup Yoga I consciously focus on corporates, a world I know well and in which I like to contribute to body awareness, stress awareness / reduction and burnout prevention. I know from my own experience how welcome that is…

Startup Yoga at your office? Let's meet up!  

Startup Yoga comes to you!

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