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Startup Yoga – where? 

Live  kantooryoga at your workplace and of course also online (live or replay).



Yoga means connection [1] and a live yoga class at your workplace – as far as I'm concerned – means:







































Live - zelf samenstellen
Online - zelf samenstellen

connection of body and mind and connection with each other;

very welcome and necessary at this time;

a nice change for the digital connection via telephone or screen; and

a healthier way of connecting than, for example, standing together at the VrijMiBo.

a powerful and positive magnetic field is created, by paying attention to meditation, breathing and relaxation;


is joint connection actually created;


the cuddle hormone oxytocin is produced; and


literally charges you to each other.

Personal time and attention and the opportunity to ask questions.

When taking a live class: Free access to one online class per week.

Home workers don't have to miss the live yoga class, participating online is of course possible.

All yoga mats and props [3] I take with me. An outfit in which you can move comfortably is all that is needed.

“Time and attention is the most precious thing you can give someone.”

is not only possible, we now know from experience, but also extremely important;

contributes to a good working environment; and

makes us better able to deal with all the feelings and – ever-changing – circumstances we have to deal with. To know that we are not alone in this.


Live: connect and charge


From research by the HeartMath Institute [2] It follows that there is a clearly measurable emotional connection between people and more specifically their hearts. Each heart produces an electromagnetic field of 1.5 to 4 meters that communicates with the magnetic field of another heart (cardio-electromagnetic communication).


During a yoga class:

No wonder you feel so good after a yoga class! I would like  to visit your workplace to share this experience.


Live: additional benefits


If live connection is not possible or suitable for whatever reason, then following a (live) online yoga class is a very nice option. Because actually connecting online :

So follow a live online lesson at the same time, connect live via the screen.

You can also choose your own break moment, replay an online yoga class at any time of the day. It's all possible, that's the advantage of working from home.

Online: lesson construction


The online yoga classes will have the same approach as the live yoga classes.


The focus can also be shifted to: _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Yin Yoga for the upper body or Easy Chair & Desk Yoga , to prevent or reduce work-related complaints such as back pain or a mouse arm (RSI / CANS); or

Restorative Yoga postures, to actively and consciously take rest and to experience pure relaxation and to offer a counter to (chronic) stress.  


[1]  Sanskrit is the oldest living Indo-European language and the sacred written language for Buddhism and Hinduism, among others. All the classical scriptures on yoga are also written in Sanskrit.

[2] The HearthMath Institute (founded 1991) is a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research on the heart and heart intelligence. Research led to the insight that the heart has about 40,000 neurons (similar to those in the brain), which allow the heart to communicate with the brain and heart of another. In short, research has shown that our heart is an intelligent organ that not only has a mind of its own, but is also the door to our intuition and empathy.  

The HearthMath Institute has developed various emotional self-regulation tools and techniques that enable people to greatly reduce stress, increase resilience and consult their intuition.

I myself make grateful use of these techniques and in 2021 I followed the ' HearthMath Basics for professionals '.

[3] The props that are used consist of long cushions (bolsters), round cushions (meditation cushions), yoga blocks and blankets. If the class is taken online, these props can be replaced by being creative with things in the house, such as: a blanket or large bath towel as a yoga mat, pillows and blankets from the couch and bed, binding books together into a bundle, etc.

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