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chair yoga

Chair yoga mainly focuses on the upper body (arms, neck, shoulders and back) and is perfect for reducing and preventing work-related complaints, such as back pain or a mouse arm (RSI / CANS).

Practical and accessible


During this practical form of yoga, the chair, desk and/or wall are used. That there is no room to practice yoga does not have to stop you.


Also nice, you can just keep your office outfit during this yoga class. You can then do the postures learned during the lesson at any time of the day, an accessible way to take a real break during the working day.

Lesson build-up


Each class begins with a meditation or breathing exercise.

This is followed by Yin and Restorative Yoga postures, combined with calm standing postures and movements. During the postures, attention is paid to breathing, observing thoughts, the (stress) signals & sensations that the body gives and how you can deal with them, release your tension and relax more deeply.

The class ends with a moment of relaxation, to reflect on what the class has done for you and what you would like to take with you for the rest of your day.


De Stoelyoga lessen van Startup Yoga zijn gericht op stress vermindering en ontspanning.


De praktische houdingen richten zich met name op het bovenlichaam (armen, nek, schouders en rug) en zijn daarmee perfect voor de "kantoorwerkers", ter voorkoming en het verminderen van werk gerelateerde klachten, zoals een muisarm (RSI / KANS) of rugklachten. 

[1]   In case of pregnancy or physical complaints and injuries, please let me know so that it can be taken into account in class.

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