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Yoga as a break during the working week.

Yoga as a remedy for stress.

Yoga on demand .

Stress is often insufficiently recognized and we do not know how to deal with stress.

'Emptying' your head by looking for tension and excitement, sounds familiar? If true relaxation is lacking and you do not recover sufficiently from stress, this can lead to a burnout.

Can you really take a break? Can you really recover from stress? You will learn and experience that with my workshops and yoga classes.

My workshops and yoga classes are specifically aimed at business, so that you: 

learn to recognize stress and learn to listen to the signals your body sends;


get tools to actively relax and recover from stress;  and 

lay a foundation for more focus, creativity, productivity, connection and thus for a pleasant working atmosphere.

Do you want this at your workplace? I would love to drop by for a workshop or corporate yoga class (either virtually or live on location). 

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