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against stress

​​ Stress has long been seen as a growing problem, but we often forget that stress has been a part of life for many years. Stress in itself is not the problem, but it is that the signals are insufficiently recognized or recognized. In addition, what works as an antidote against stress is often unknown. As a result, burnout has been the number one occupational disease for years, something that employers and employees rarely see coming.  

That was also true for me. As a Zuidas lawyer I knew I was under stress, but I still did not recognize the signs. Not even when I could move both my arms less and less because of a mouse arm. That a mouse arm is a symptom of a burnout? I had no idea! I did everything according to reason, was not in contact with my body and could therefore not listen to it. In short, I was a 'walking head', but I didn't know that concept yet either.

But deep valleys have high peaks, because during this period I rediscovered my love for yoga. Quiet forms of yoga, where your body gets time to relax. I learned to recognize the red flags that your body gives off when you are under stress, to turn off the 'always on' button, to let the tension in my body disappear.

How wonderful would it be if your employees could learn this before the proverbial calves have drowned from stress? And it can be so simple… make yoga part of your work week. Something I advocate for as a yoga teacher and ex-lawyer!

In addition, it has been proven that yoga provides more focus, creativity and productivity. With the added bonus; a good vibe in the workplace!

During my yoga classes I give tools aimed at rest, recovery & body awareness. I know better than anyone that these tools also come in handy in the heat of working life itself.

I give my yoga classes at your office, physically or online. Time is money and the threshold to relax in the spare time is often high, that's why I'm coming to you!

Yoga as a break. Real break.

Yoga on demand . Startup Yoga !

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