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Startup Yoga – when?

Any time of the day is perfect for an office yoga class:

















in the morning : as a good start to the day;

lunch break : to actually rest and de-stress;

4 o'clock : take a real break moment;

end of working day : going into the evening with a clear head; or

end of the day : for a good night's sleep.

breakfast seminar;

know-how lunch;

brainstorming session;

team meeting;

client call;


training; or

sales meeting.

And to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking [1] , a yoga class

of course also be followed before or after a: 

In short, the possibilities for following a (short or longer) yoga class

- and thereby doing something good for body and mind - are endless.

And what fits better with 'The New Way of Working'?

[1] Yoga has a proven positive effect on the brain and thus on the ability to think creatively.  

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