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Startup Yoga – for whom?

Despite the fact that in ancient India yoga was only practiced by men, yoga is now often seen as a 'women's thing'. Only suitable if you are already limber and flexible or 'floating'. Nothing could be further from the truth, yoga is for everyone! [1]


Yoga is widely used

For example, the Ajax players practice yoga, and yoga is also part of the training schedule for football coach Gertjan Verbeek.

In addition, the yoga school where I followed my training has been training soldiers to  yoga teacher [2] since 2016 . According to the Ministry of Defense, yoga helps soldiers to better cope with their major responsibilities in the often extreme and stressful situations in which they find themselves.


The Police also encourages the practice of yoga through the project 'Your career is vital and healthy'. And that apart from all the companies that have made yoga a regular part of the working week, think of, among other things:

PwC, KPN, Unilever.

Agility only as a result

That yoga is only suitable if you are already limber or flexible is really a myth. Yoga is never about how it looks, you can leave your ambition at home and bring your attention to yourself instead of how you are doing to someone else.

The fact that you naturally become more flexible is at most a nice consequence.

Scientifically substantiated

For me personally, yoga is now part of my Sadhana (spiritual practice), but that it

proven effective for healthy body and clear mind cannot be denied.


I will therefore focus on that during my yoga classes, because – from my own experience – I know how welcome that knowledge is!

[1]   In case of pregnancy or physical complaints and injuries, please let me know so that it can be taken into account in class.

[2]   The Johan Noorloos Teacher Training, The New Yoga School in Amsterdam.

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