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Private Yoga

I also teach all yoga styles in a 1:1 setting or in smaller groups. In this way the yoga class can be optimally adapted to specific wishes and needs.

Do you want to use yoga for a better work-life balance , more conscious breaks during the working day or a healthier lifestyle? Yoga can be a perfect addition to setting and pursuing certain goals, ambitions or intentions.

In addition, yoga can in many cases be a nice and healthy addition in case of pregnancy or physical complaints & injuries.


assisted yin


Assisted Yin is perfect for reducing and preventing stress and anxiety symptoms. This form of yoga can also support and promote recovery in the event of overstrain or burnout.

With this form of Yin Yoga you will be guided in every posture from start to finish in a private setting. This yoga style is therefore aimed at complete surrender.


Gravity and I do the work, while you stretch, rest and relax your connective tissue. During the pose you will be supported by props [1]  en by my body. The touch stimulates the production of oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. A hormone that promotes feelings of calm, security and contentment, while reducing anxiety and worry.

Mentor trajectory 


As a mentor I guide you in your quest for less stress and more balance between body, intellect & consciousness. Private yoga is a wonderful tool for this and I like to use it as part of a 1:1 mentor trajectory or a (one-off) mentor conversation. 


prive - zef samenstellen
assisted yin - zelf samenstellen
kantooryoga prive yoga assisted yin

[1]   The props used consist of long cushions (bolsters), round cushions (meditation cushions), yoga blocks and blankets. Startup Yoga will provide the props and yoga mats for a live class on location.

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